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Reflection on Materia Medica Study

 1  How NOT to Read Materia Medica.  Most non-fictional books are written in the same manner and we are well adapted to read them as such: the author introduces his Big Idea in a paragraph or even in one sentence. Then writes few paragraphs to support his Big Idea. And in conclusion, gives a summary of the Idea and why it should be accepted. That basically leads us to the habit of reading carefully an Intro - a few first sentences at the beginning and a Summary - few last sentences. Information in the middle we scan just to complete the mental picture formed by reading the introductory sentences and the summary sentences.  We could probably read Kent Lectures on Materia Medica like that. If they were broken down into paragraphs: ( examples below ). We surely could not read Hering's Guiding Symptoms or Hering's Condensed Materia Medica like this, because every line in what we can roughly call a paragraph or a section is devoted to an organ system or sensory perceptions, and